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IA School on Cosmology


How to setup, run and analyse Cosmological N-body Simulations

António da Silva
Lecture 1
- Introduction to LSS N-body / hydrodynamic simulation methods;
Lecture 2
- Initial condition generators and N-body integrators;
Lecture 3
- Postprocessing: group finders and non-linear power spectrum.

Noemi Frusciante
Lecture 1
- EFT Theory: formalism; EFT functions; EFT connections to specific models; stability conditions as priors
- EFTCAMB: main features; model implementation: pure EFT, designer mapping, full mapping; requirements to install the code; how to install the code
Lecture 2
- structure of the code in details: description of the modules; how to implement a model; outputs
- Exercises: run EFTCAMB with a built-in model; how to modify the code (the pure EFT case)

CLASS and MontePython
Diogo Castelão
Lecture 1
- Introduction to Boltzmann codes, CLASS (presentation slides)
- Contingency hour to help students with code installation if they were unable to finish at home
Lecture 2
- CLASS instalattion, running, output analysis, code modifications/exercices
Lecture 3
- MP presentation (slides), sampling methods
- Model testing and parameter estimation (exercises)

Introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence for classical Relativists
Ricardo Caldeira Costa
Lecture 1
- Introduction to the Holographic Principle. (black holes, Brown & Henneaux, 't Hooft large N limit)
- General properties of AdS spaces and Einstein manifolds. (isometries, asymptotia, conformal compactness
Lecture 2
- General properties of AdS spaces and Einstein manifolds. (continuation)
- Dynamics of Einstein metrics and embedded hypersurfaces. (Gauss-Codazzi formalism, Fefferman-Graham solutions)
Lecture 3
- Classical Holographic Renormalization. (renormalized Brown-York tensor, conservation laws)
- Matter fields in AdS backgrounds. (bulk-to-boundary propagators, renormalization, conservation laws)
Lecture 4
- Lightning look at Conformal Field Theory. (representations, correlators, Ward identities) - The AdS/CFT prescription. - Overview of String Theory. (strings, D-branes and Supergravity)
Lecture 5
- Overview of String Theory. (continuation)
- AdS/CFT from String Theory. (black branes, AdS5 and N=4 SYM, strings as large N SYM)
- Radius/Energy Scale duality. (deformations of CFTs and RG flows)
- Survey of research topics in Holography. (AdS/CMT, entanglement, cosmology)
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa Universidade do Porto Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade de Coimbra
Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia COMPETE 2020 PORTUGAL 2020 União Europeia