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The little sibling of the big rip singularity

M. Bouhmadi-López, A. Errahmani, P. Martín-Moruno, T. Ouali, Y. Tavakoli

In this paper, we present a new cosmological event, which we named the little sibling of the big rip. This event is much smoother than the big rip singularity. When the little sibling of the big rip is reached, the Hubble rate and the scale factor blow up, but the cosmic derivative of the Hubble rate does not. This abrupt event takes place at an infinite cosmic time where the scalar curvature explodes. We show that a doomsday à la little sibling of the big rip is compatible with an accelerating universe, indeed at present it would mimic perfectly a ΛCDM scenario. It turns out that, even though the event seems to be harmless as it takes place in the infinite future, the bound structures in the universe would be unavoidably destroyed on a finite cosmic time from now. The model can be motivated by considering that the weak energy condition should not be strongly violated in our universe, and it could give us some hints about the status of recently formulated nonlinear energy conditions.

Late-time acceleration of the universe, dark energy, cosmic singularities, energy conditions, Cosmology, Mathematical and relativistic aspects of cosmology, Singularities and cosmic censorship, Observational cosmology

International Journal of Modern Physics D
Volume 24, Number 10
2015 September

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