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Olivier D. S. Demangeon

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Lastest publications at IAM. Hobson, R. F. Díaz, X. Delfosse, N. Astudillo-Defru, I. Boisse, F. Bouchy, X. Bonfils, T. Forveille, N. Hara, L. Arnold et al. (including: O. Demangeon, N. C. Santos), 2018,
The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets
XIII. Two planets around M-dwarfs Gl617A and Gl96
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 618, 15
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R. Ligi, O. Demangeon, S. C. C. Barros, D. Mesa, M. Bonavita, A. Vigan, M. Bonnefoy, R. Gratton, M. Deleuil, 2018,
K2 Targets Observed with SPHERE/VLT: An M4-7 Dwarf Companion Resolved around EPIC 206011496,
The Astrophysical Journal, 156
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S. G. Sousa, V. Zh. Adibekyan, E. Delgado Mena, N. C. Santos, D. T. Andreasen, A. C. S. Ferreira, M. Tsantaki, S. C. C. Barros, O. Demangeon, G. Israelian et al. (including: J. P. S. Faria, P. Figueira), 2018,
SWEET-Cat updated New homogenous spectroscopic parameters,
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 620, 13
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J.-M. Almenara, R. F. Díaz, G. Hébrard, R. A. Mardling, C. Damiani, A. Santerne, F. Bouchy, S. C. C. Barros, I. Boisse, X. Bonfils et al. (including: O. Demangeon), 2018,
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates
XVIII. Radial velocity confirmation, absolute masses and radii, and origin of the Kepler-419 multiplanetary system
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 615, 16
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A. Burdanov, P. Benni, E. Sokov, V. Krushinsky, A. Popov, L. Delrez, M. Gillon, G. Hébrard, M. Deleuil, P. A. Wilson et al. (including: O. Demangeon), 2018,
KPS-1b: The First Transiting Exoplanet Discovered Using an Amateur Astronomer's Wide-field CCD Data,
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 130, 12
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A. Santerne, B. Brugger, D. J. Armstrong, V. Zh. Adibekyan, J. Lillo Box, H. Gosselin, A. Aguichine, J.-M. Almenara, D. Barrado, S. C. C. Barros et al. (including: E. Delgado Mena, O. Demangeon, J. P. S. Faria, P. Figueira, S. Hojjatpanah, J. J. Neal, N. C. Santos, S. G. Sousa), 2018,
An Earth-sized exoplanet with a Mercury-like composition,
New Astronomy, 2, 23
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