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Exploring the Climate of Exoplanets with OASIS
João Mendonça
2019 December 11, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Knocking on Giant's Door: Modelling the dust-to-stellar properties of distant, massive galaxies
Darko Donevski
2019 December 05, 15:00
IA/U.Lisboa, OAL (Seminar room)
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High resolution transmission spectroscopy
Hugo M. Tabernero Guzmán
2019 December 04, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Travelling through the galactic potential
Ana Duarte Cabral
2019 November 27, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Tensions in cosmological data: impact of non standard models and systematic effects
Matteo Martinelli
2019 November 26, 15:30
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.1.67)
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Measuring the CMB temperature at high redshift to test the standard Lambda-CDM prediction Tcmb=T0(1+z)
Ricardo T. Génova-Santos
2019 November 21, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Hybrid metric-Palatini gravity: applications to cosmology and astrophysics
João Luís Rosa
2019 November 20, 16:30
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.2.16)
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Infrared Spectroscopy of the Giant Planets
Therese Encrenaz
2019 November 19, 14:30
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.2.10)
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New class of generalized coupling theories
Justin C. Feng
2019 November 13, 15:30
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.2.16)
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Transport of chemical elements in stars
Morgan Deal
2019 November 13, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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