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Stellar magnetic field origin and impact during the stellar formation
Evelyne Alecian
2023 June 07, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Multipoles in the Hubble and deceleration parameters: what does the theory has to say about it?
Jessica Santiago
2023 June 06, 14:30
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.2.19)
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Exoplanets atmospheres in the 2020s: from the JWST to the E-ELTs
Vivien Parmentier
2023 May 31, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Coupled Quintessence in Flat and Closed Geometries
Elsa M. Teixeira
2023 May 25, 14:30
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.2.19)
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Gas and star formation in the nearby universe with the ALMA-MaNGA QUEnching and STar formation (ALMaQUEST) survey
Sara Ellison
2023 May 10, 15:30
IA, Online (Zoom)
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Exploring ISM Properties in Pristine Environments Throughout the Universe
Bethan James
2023 May 03, 14:00
IA, Online (Zoom)
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Asteroseismic inferences of red-giant internal magnetic fields
Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard
2023 April 26, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Exploring Machine Learning for the Euclid and Rubin/LSST Era
Andrew J. Humphrey
2023 April 20, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Dimming of light in general relativity: On the possibility of explaining cosmological observations without dark energy
Asta Heinesen
2023 April 19, 13:30
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.2.10)
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Some applications of thermodynamics to explore dark energy and inflation
David A. Tamayo Ramirez
2023 April 13, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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