Tools & Datasets
Software tools and Datasets

Here you find software tools and datasets developed and produced at IA.
These tools may be freely obtained and used. Please, check each tool for licence details and acknowledgments. If you have problems, questions or comments concerning these tools, please send an email to

Software tools

  • ARES - Automatic Routine for line Equivalent widths in stellar Spectra
    A tool for measuring the Equivalent Width of absortion lines in stellar spectra
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  • ARoME - Analytical Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect
    A tool designed to generate analytical Rossiter-McLaughlin (RM) effects
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  • BGLS - Analytical Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect
    A Python-based program to calculate the Bayesian Generalized Lomb-Scargle periodogram of time-series. More information can be found in Mortier et al. (2015)
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  • FADO - Fitting Analysis using Differential Evolution Optimization
    Spectral population synthesis through genetic optimization under self-consistency boundary conditions
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  • RemoveYoung
    A tool for the removal of the young stellar component in galaxies within an adjustable age cutoff
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  • FADO-SDSS spectral synthesis catalogue
    The Sloan Digital Sky Survey is one of the most ambitious astronomy projects mapping a quarter of the entire sky in detail.
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