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Diego Bossini


Lastest publications at IAA. Miglio, C. Chiappini, B. Mosser, G. R. Davies, K. C. Freeman, L. Girardi, P. Jofrť, D. Kawata, B. M. Rendle, M. Valentini et al. (including: P. P. Avelino, T. L. Campante, M. S. Cunha), 2017,
PLATO as it is: A legacy mission for Galactic archaeology,
Astronomische Nachrichten, 338, 18
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D. Bossini, A. Miglio, A. Achķcarro, M. Salaris, M. Vrard, S. Cassisi, B. Mosser, J. MontalbŠn, L. Girardi, A. Noels, 2017,
Kepler red-clump stars in the field and in open clusters: constraints on core mixing,
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 469, 8
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T. L. Campante, M. N. Lund, J. S. Kuszlewicz, G. R. Davies, W. J. Chaplin, S. Albrecht, J. Winn, T. R. Bedding, O. Benomar, D. Bossini et al. (including: A. R. G. Santos), 2016,
Spin-Orbit Alignment of Exoplanet Systems: Ensemble Analysis Using Asteroseismology,
The Astrophysical Journal, 819
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