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Pedro Figueira

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Lastest publications at IAA. Suárez Mascareño, J. I. González Hernández, R. Rebolo López, S. Velasco, I. Toledo, B. Toledo-Padrón, S. Udry, F. Motalebi, D. Ségransan, A. Wyttenbach et al. (including: N. C. Santos, P. Figueira), 2018,
The RoPES project with HARPS and HARPS-N
I. A system of super-Earths orbiting the moderately active K-dwarf HD 176986
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 612, 16
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E. Artigau, L. Malo, R. Doyon, P. Figueira, X. Delfosse, N. Astudillo-Defru, 2018,
Optical and Near-infrared Radial Velocity Content of M Dwarfs: Testing Models with Barnard's Star,
The Astrophysical Journal, 155
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L. Malavolta, A. W. Mayo, T. Louden, V. Rajpaul, A. S. Bonomo, L. A. Buchhave, L. Kreidberg, M. H. Kristiansen, M. López-Morales, A. Mortier et al. (including: P. Figueira), 2018,
An Ultra-short Period Rocky Super-Earth with a Secondary Eclipse and a Neptune-like Companion around K2-141,
The Astronomical Journal, 155
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J. Lillo Box, D. Barrado, P. Figueira, A. Leleu, N. C. Santos, A. C. M. Correia, P. Robutel, J. P. S. Faria, 2018,
The TROY project: Searching for co-orbital bodies to known planets I. Project goals and first results from archival radial velocity,
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 609
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S. C. C. Barros, H. Gosselin, D. Bayliss, E. Delgado Mena, B. Brugger, A. Santerne, D. J. Armstrong, V. Zh. Adibekyan, J. D. Armstrong, D. Barrado et al. (including: O. Demangeon, J. P. S. Faria, P. Figueira, S. Hojjatpanah, J. J. Neal, N. C. Santos, S. G. Sousa), 2017,
Precise masses for the transiting planetary system HD 106315 with HARPS,
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 608, 14
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M. Oshagh, N. C. Santos, P. Figueira, S. C. C. Barros, J.-F. Donati, V. Zh. Adibekyan, J. P. S. Faria, C. A. Watson, H. M. Cegla, X. Dumusque et al. (including: O. Demangeon), 2017,
Understanding stellar activity-induced radial velocity jitter using simultaneous K2 photometry and HARPS RV measurements,
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 606, 14
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