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Evolution and Seismic Tools for Stellar Astrophysics

M. J. P. F. G. Monteiro

This volume includes (i) articles describing most of the evolution and seismic codes currently used in the context of Helio- and Astero-Seismology, (ii) articles reporting the results of the detailed comparisons of the codes carried out over the period 2002-2007 and (iii) works discussing grids of stellar evolutionary tracks, models, and frequencies, produced for supporting the CoRoT mission. The first paper of the collection discusses the overall aim and methodology of the work while the last paper discusses some of the open questions that still require further work in the future.

This collection of papers provides a unique reference that covers 10 evolution codes and 9 oscillation codes. Most of these have been used to produce numerous results published over the years, and have never before been fully described in the literature. This volume is expected to be of great relevance for researchers and research students working on the modeling of stars and on the implementation of seismic test of stellar models. Moreover, it is expected to have a high impact on the analysis of the data acquired by (ongoing and future) ground-based instruments and space missions in Helio- and Astero-Seismology.

Astrophysics and Space Science, Springer


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