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The Universe Today
Our Current Understanding and How It Was Achieved

C. J. A. P. Martins

Starting out from humankind's earliest ideas about the cosmos, this book gives the reader a clear overview of our current understanding of the universe, including big bang theories and the formation of stars and galaxies, as well as addressing open questions. The author shows how our present view gradually developed from observations, and also how the outcome of ongoing research may still change this view. The book brings together concepts in physics and astronomy, including some history in both cases. The text is descriptive rather than technical: the goal is to present things rigorously and without oversimplification, by highlighting the crucial physical concepts. The only prerequisite is a qualitative knowledge of basic physics concepts at high-school level.

modern cosmology, big bang mdodel, special and general relativity, observational cosmology, dark matter and dark energy, physics of stars and galaxies, particle cosmology, history of astronomy

Springer International Publishing

Astronomers' Universe


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