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Modelling stellar activity with Gaussian processes
Oral comunication

S. C. C. Barros

With the increase of the precision of observations, stellar intrinsic variability is becoming the dominant limitation in the study and characterization of exoplanets. Stellar activity affects both the radial velocity measurements and the transit observations. To account for stellar activity one needs to use sophisticated correlated noise models such as Gaussian processes. I will present some applications of Gaussian processes to model stellar variability in high precision photometric light curves. I will start with example of modelling activity with Gaussian processes to study phase curves. Then I will focus on exploring the effect of stellar granulation in transit observations and show that Gaussian processes can help un-bias the derived transit parameters.

The PLATO Mission Conference 2017: Exoplanetary systems in the PLATO era
Warwick, United Kingdom
2017 September

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