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Cosmology and fundamental physics with current and future
ESO facilities
3rd Azores School on Observational Cosmology
5th Azores International Advanced School in Space Sciences

The final list of lecturers and the topics they will cover is as follows:

Elisabetta Caffau (Paris): BBN, Population III stars
Massimo Dall'Ora (Napoli): H0 and age of the universe, Cosmic distance ladder
Paulo Freire (Bonn):
Strong gravity tests
Bruno Leibundgut (ESO): Supernovas as cosmology probes
Joe Liske (Hamburg): Galaxy evolution, Redshift drift
Carlos Martins (Porto): Theoretical context
Paolo Molaro (Trieste): Cosmology with Damped Lyman-alpha galaxies
Paolo Padovani (ESO): ESO facilities, The ELT
Laura Pentericci (Roma): End of dark ages, reionization
Matteo Viel (Trieste): IGM tomography & galaxy formation, Dark matter and neutrinos
John Webb (UNSW/Cambridge): Stability of fundamental constants

The hands-on tutorials will focus on the cycle of an ESO observation proposal, including observation preparation, proposal writing, and subsequent data analysis. The specific scientific topics covered will be announced soon.

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