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IberiCos 2023
17th Iberian Cosmology Meeting

Ponte de Lima is one of the oldest towns in Portugal, with a charter granted by Queen Teresa and her son Afonso Henriques on March 4, 1125. Today it invites you to enjoy this history, through the medieval streets and the monuments in the Historic Center, the Museums and other municipal services that keep the memory of this cultural identity alive.

Take advantage of your free time and visit the six museum spaces that Ponte de Lima offers you: Museum of the Third Order, Museum of Portuguese Toys, Center for the Interpretation and Promotion of Vinho Verde, Center for the Interpretation of Military History, Center for the Interpretation of the Territory, and the Center for the Interpretation of the Four Abbots Table. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic views from the viewpoints and more than 80 km of eco-paths on the banks of the Lima River.

Ponte de Lima is culture, nature, and modernity and the International Garden Festival, the Horse Fair and the Feiras Novas are good examples of the successful events that you can find.

We welcome you to the land where gastronomy is queen and vinho verde is king! For more information see In particular you can find a tourist map of the town here, and a tourist map of the whole Ponte de Lima municipality here.
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