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MUSE Busy Week 2019

Welcome to the November 2019 Busy Week in Braga, Portugal, the 'Leiden in Portugal' edition. Note that this event is limited to MUSE consortium members only.

The Busy Week will take place at the Golden Tulip hotel in Braga. Braga is the third biggest city in Portugal and known for its churches and Easter celebrations in particular.

The hotel is located in the hills around Braga next to several churches and the two most famous churches in Braga are further up in the hills (Bom Jesus de Braga, recently awarded UNESCO world heritage status and Sameiro).

Please register here and reserve a room with the hotel before September 15. Our block booking runs out on September 15 so please reserve as soon as you can. There will be a registration fee to help pay for the various room bookings, coffee breaks etc. This will be communicated later and will be of the order of 125-150 Euro/person.

The hotel reservation details are as follows:

Contact the hotel either by email or by phone to make the reservation:
Phone: +351 253 240 700.

Do indicate the code: CAUP2019FB - this indicate both that you are getting a room from our block booking and that you are reserving full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner). The cost of the rooms are:
Twin room: 74€/per person/per day all meals included.
Single room: 78€/per person/per day all meals included.

The rooms are quite big and can easily be shared and if you want to bring a family there are a few larger rooms but please contact the hotel directly for these.

Getting there and away
Braga is located about 55 km somewhat north and inland from Porto. The closest airport and also the one with best connectivity is the airport of Porto.

- Flying to Porto is by far the easiest.
- There is a bus that goes directly from the airport to Braga costing 8 Euro each way. Note that the times are a bit irregular so you might want to consult the time-table when you decide on your flight.
- A taxi from the bus station to the hotel will probably cost in the order of 10-15 Euro (depending on suitcases etc). [from the airport it would be 80-100 Euros...].
- There is plenty of parking so a rental car is also fine but not strictly needed.

There is a bus from the hotel to the centre of Braga but it is too infrequent to be useful - which means a taxi is the best option to get to the city centre.

We look forwards to welcoming you in Portugal!

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