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Investigating the molecular gas content of galaxies in ALMA deep fields
Federica Loiacono
2018 December 12
IA/U.Lisboa, OAL (Seminar room)
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Condomínio de Astronomia (CoAstro)
Ilídio André P. M. Costa
2018 October 24
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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Satellite Galaxies in the HUDF
Hugo Martins
2018 July 31
IA/U.Lisboa, OAL (Seminar room)
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The Dark Side of the Universe
Ana Margarida Serejo
2018 July 27
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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Simulação numérica de ruído em sensores CCD
Gonçalo Domingues
2018 July 25
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.6 Meetings Room)
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The implementation of the Extended Galileon model in EFTCAMB: a phenomological study
Luis Atayde
2018 July 24
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C6.2.51)
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Constraining late-time transitions in the dark energy equation of state
Maria Prat Colomer
2018 July 20
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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Determining helium abundances in evolved stars
Guillaume Dréau
2018 July 19
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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Impact of the measurement of the redshift drift on our understanding of the Universe
José Matos
2018 July 18
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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(In)validating Astroseismic modelling of Kepler stars?
Catarina I. S. A. Rocha
2018 July 17
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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