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Soap software time analysis and parallelization of main functions using OMP
Veridiano M. Marques
2020 January 17
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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Classifying supernovae in PLAsTiCC data with snmachine
Catarina S. Alves
2020 January 15
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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Development of a 2D data acquisition system with CCD camera for application in optical metrology
Inês Meira Leite
2019 December 09
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.2.14)
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The impact of atmospheric dispersion in the performance of high-resolution spectrographs
Bachar Wehbe
2019 December 05
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Titan Atmosphere's Studies Using VLT/UVES and Cassini Space Mission Data
Constança Freire
2019 December 04
IA/U.Lisboa, OAL (Seminar room)
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Watching the universe expand in real time
Beatriz G. Pereira
2019 November 28
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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Direct imaging of cold exoplanets. Prospects for atmospheric characterization.
Óscar Carrión González
2019 November 26
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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Impact of stellar activity on chromatic Rossiter-McLaughlin observations
Sören Boldt
2019 November 05
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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The era of big surveys: 4MOST
Chiara Battistini
2019 October 28
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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Data tensions in Cosmology - an Information Theory approach
Ana M. M. Pinho
2019 October 02
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Classroom)
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