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Is cosmography a useful tool for testing cosmology?

V. C. Busti, A. de la Cruz-Dombriz, P. K. S. Dunsby, D. Sez Gmez

Model-independent methods in cosmology have become an essential tool to deal with an increasing number of theoretical alternatives for explaining the late-time acceleration of the Universe. In principle, this provides a way of testing the cosmological concordance (or ΛCDM ) model under different assumptions and ruling out whole classes of competing theories. One such model-independent method is the so-called “cosmographic approach”, which relies only on the homogeneity and isotropy of the Universe on large scales. We show that this method suffers from many shortcomings, providing biased results depending on the auxiliary variable used in the series expansion, and is unable to rule out models or adequately reconstruct theories with higher-order derivatives in either the gravitational or matter sector. Consequently, in its present form, this method seems unable to provide reliable or useful results for cosmological applications.

Mathematical and relativistic aspects of cosmology, Fundamental problems and general formalism, Modified theories of gravity, Dark energy

Physical Review D
Volume 92, Issue 12, Page 123512
2015 December

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