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Active star formation at intermediate Galactic latitude: the case of IRAS 06345−3023

J. L. Yun, P. M. Palmeirim

We report the discovery of a small aggregate of young stars seen in high-resolution, deep near-infrared (JHKS) images towards IRAS 06345−3023 in the outer Galaxy and well below the mid-plane of the Galactic disc. The group of young stars is likely to be composed of low-mass stars, mostly Class I young stellar objects. The stars are seen towards a molecular cloud whose CO map peaks at the location of the IRAS source. The near-infrared images reveal, additionally, the presence of nebular emission with rich morphological features, including arcs in the vicinity of embedded stars, wisps and bright rims of a butterfly-shaped dark cloud. The location of this molecular cloud as a new star formation site well below the Galactic plane in the outer Galaxy indicates that active star formation is taking place at vertical distances larger than those typical of the (thin) disc.

stars: formation – ISM: clouds – dust, extinction – ISM: Individual objects: IRAS 06345-3023 – Galaxy: stellar content – infrared: stars

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Volume 448, Issue 3, Page 2013
2015 April

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