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Astro Homus: Revealing the Astronomers behind the Science

P. Figueira, S. Neves, F. A. L. Pires, P. J. T. Pereira, J. Retrê, R. S. S. C. Reis, P. D. M. Mondim

Astro Homus is a project that focuses on individuals behind astronomy research. It aims to present scientists not as lone  wolves with almost superhuman skills, as is so common in the current media, but as people who the reader can relate to as human beings. Using the language of  photography and the personal stories of scientists, Astro Homus reveals the human dimension of astronomy. Through the project’s journey across three countries, addressing questions ranging from the  biggest unknowns  to the most personal  matters, the public is presented with a  glimpse of what it is like to be an astronomer. In doing so, we hope to bridge the gap between researchers and non-researchers, and to contribute to an inclusive view of the astronomer, and indeed of astronomy, in society.

Communicating Astronomy with the Public
Issue 20, Page 25
2016 August

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