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New limit on logotropic unified dark energy models

V. M. C. Ferreira, P. P. Avelino

A unification of dark matter and dark energy in terms of a logotropic perfect dark fluid has recently been proposed, where deviations with respect to the standard ΛCDM model are dependent on a single parameter B. In this paper we show that the requirement that the linear growth of cosmic structures on comoving scales larger than 8 h-1 Mpc is not significantly affected with respect to the standard ΛCDM result provides the strongest limit to date on the model (B<6×10-7), an improvement of more than three orders of magnitude over previous upper limits on the value of B. We further show that this limit rules out the logotropic Unified Dark Energy model as a possible solution to the small scale problems of the ΛCDM model, including the cusp problem of Dark Matter halos or the missing satellite problem, as well as the original version of the model where the Planck energy density was taken as one of the two parameters characterizing the logotropic dark fluid.

Physics Letters B
Volume 770, Page 4
2017 July

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