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The MUSE-Wide survey: a measurement of the Ly alpha emitting fraction among z > 3 galaxies

J. Caruana, L. Wisotzki, E. C. Herenz, J. Kerutt, T. Urrutia, K. B. Schmidt, R. Bouwens, J. Brinchmann, S. Cantalupo, C. M. Carollo, C. Diener, A. Drake, T. Garel, R. A. Marino, J. Richard, R. Saust, J. Schaye, A. Verhamme

We present a measurement of the fraction of Lyman alpha (Ly alpha) emitters (XLy alpha) amongst HST continuum-selected galaxies at 3 < z < 6 with the Multi-Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) on the VLT. Making use of the first 24 MUSE-Wide pointings in GOODS-South, each having an integration time of 1 h, we detect 100 Ly alpha emitters and find X-Ly alpha greater than or similar to 0.5 for most of the redshift range covered, with 29 per cent of the Ly alpha sample exhibiting rest equivalent widths (rest-EWs) <= 15 angstrom. Adopting a range of rest-EW cuts (0-75 angstrom), we find no evidence of a dependence of X-Ly alpha on either redshift or ultraviolet luminosity.

galaxies: high-redshift, galaxies: star formation, galaxies: statistics

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Volume 473, Issue 1, Page 30
2018 January

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