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Precise surface gravities of delta Scuti stars from asteroseismology

A. García Hernández, J.-C. Suárez, A. Moya, M. J. P. F. G. Monteiro, Z. Guo, D. R. Reese, J. Pascual Granado, S. Barceló Forteza, S. R. Martin, R. Garrido, B. Nisini, J. Nieto

Thework reported here demonstrates that it is possible to accurately determine surface gravities of delta Scuti (delta Sct) stars using the frequency content from high-precision photometry and a measurement of the parallax. Using a sample of 10 eclipsing binary systems with a delta Sct component and the unique delta Sct star discovered with a transiting planet, WASP-33, we were able to refine the Delta nu-(rho) over bar. relation. Using this relation and parallaxes, we obtained independent values for the masses and radii, allowing us to calculate the surface gravities without any constraints from spectroscopic or binary analysis. A remarkably good agreement was found between our results and those published, extracted from the analysis of the radial velocities and light curves of the systems. This reinforces the potential of Delta nu as a valuable observable for delta Sct stars and settles the degeneracy problem for the log g determination through spectroscopy.

binaries: eclipsing, stars: oscillations, stars: rotation, stars: variables: δ Scuti

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Volume 471, Issue 1, Page L140
2017 July

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