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Irreversible thermodynamic description of interacting dark energy-dark matter cosmological models

T. Harko, F. S. N. Lobo

We investigate the interaction between dark energy and dark matter in the framework of irreversible thermodynamics of open systems with matter creation/annihilation. We consider dark energy and dark matter as an interacting two-component (scalar field and ``ordinary' dark matter) cosmological fluid in a homogeneous spatially flat and isotropic Friedmann-Robertson-Walker Universe. The thermodynamics of open systems as applied together with the gravitational field equations to the two-component cosmological fluid leads to a generalization of the elementary dark energy-dark matter interaction theory, in which the decay (creation) pressures are explicitly considered as parts of the cosmological fluid stress-energy tensor. Specific models describing coherently oscillating scalar waves, leading to a high particle production at the beginning of the oscillatory period, and models with a constant potential energy scalar field are considered. Furthermore, exact and numerical solutions of the gravitational field equations with dark energy-dark matter interactions are also obtained.

Modified: theories: of: gravity - Fundamental: problems: and: general: formalism - Canonical: formalism: Lagrangians: and: variational: principles

Physical Review D
Volume 87, Issue 0440, Page 044018_1
2013 February

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