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Numerical simulations of spectral shifts in the far-field spectrum of light due to source correlations

T. E. C. Magalhães, J. M. Rebordão


We discuss how to simulate numerically the far-field propagation of the spectrum of light by propagating the cross-spectral density for a planar light source with a given coherence model. To test our approach, we performed simulations for two source models: a Gaussian Schell-model source and a nonuniformly Gaussian-correlated source. We show that our algorithm correctly reproduces the theoretical solutions by Emil Wolf for planar Gaussian Schell-model source, namely, the spectral shifts of spectral lines due to source correlations. Our approach can be used for two-dimensional source models in which the spatial coherence components are frequency independent. It can also be used for nonhomogeneous extended sources of partial coherent light.

Journal of the Optical Society of America A
Volume 35, Number 3, Page 423
2018 March

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