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Type Ia supernovae in the star formation deserts of spiral host galaxies

A. A. Hakobyan, A. G. Karapetyan, L. V. Barkhudaryan, M. H. Gevorgyan, V. Zh. Adibekyan

Using a sample of nearby spiral galaxies hosting 185 supernovae (SNe) Ia, we perform a comparative analysis of the locations and light-curve decline rates (Δm15) of normal and peculiar SNe Ia in the star formation deserts (SFDs) and beyond. To accomplish this, we present a simple visual classification approach based on the UV/H α images of the discs of host galaxies. We demonstrate that, from the perspective of the dynamical time-scale of the SFD, where the star formation is suppressed by the bar evolution, the Δm15 of SN Ia and progenitor age can be related. The SFD phenomenon gives an excellent possibility to separate a subpopulation of SN Ia progenitors with ages older than a few Gyr. We show, for the first time, that the SFDs contain mostly faster declining SNe Ia (Δm15 > 1.25). For the galaxies without SFDs, the region within the bar radius, and outer disc contain mostly slower declining SNe Ia. To better constrain the delay times of SNe Ia, we encourage new studies (e.g. integral field observations) using the SFD phenomenon on larger and more robust datasets of SNe Ia and their host galaxies.

supernovae: individual: Type Ia, galaxies: bar, galaxies: disc, galaxies: star formation, galaxies: stellar content

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters
Volume 501, Number 1, Page L52
2021 July

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