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The XMM Cluster Survey: an independent demonstration of the fidelity of the eFEDS galaxy cluster data products and implications for future studies

D. J. Turner, P. A. Giles, A. K. Romer, R. Wilkinson, E. Upsdell, M. Klein, P. T. P. Viana, M. Hilton, S. Bhargava, C. A. Collins, R. Mann, M. Sahlén, J. P. Stott

We present the first comparison between properties of clusters of galaxies detected by the eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS) and the XMM Cluster Survey (XCS). We have compared, in an ensemble fashion, properties from the eFEDS X-ray cluster catalogue with those from the Ultimate XMM eXtragaLactic (XXL) survey project (XXL-100-GC). We find the redshift and temperature (TX) distributions to be similar, with a larger proportion of clusters above 4 keV in the XXL-100-GC sample; fractional temperature uncertainties are significantly larger in eFEDS compared to XXL. We find 62 eFEDS cluster candidates with XMM data (eFEDS-XMM sample); 10 do not have good enough XMM data to confirm or deny, 11 are classed as sample contaminants, and 4 have their X-ray flux contaminated by another source. The majority of eFEDS-XMM sources have longer XMM exposures than eFEDS, and most eFEDS positions are within 100 kpc of XCS positions. Our eFEDS-XCS sample of 37 clusters is used to calculate minimum sample contamination fractions of ∼18 and ∼9 per cent in the eFEDS X-ray and optically confirmed samples, respectively, in general agreement with eFEDS findings. We directly compare 29 X-ray luminosities (LX) measured by eFEDS and XCS, finding excellent agreement. Eight clusters have a TX measured by XCS and eFEDS, and we find that XMM temperatures are 25 ± 9 per cent larger than their eROSITA counterparts. Finally, we construct LX–TX scaling relations based on eFEDS and XCS measurements, which are in tension; the tension is decreased when we measure a third scaling relation with calibrated XCS temperatures.

instrumentation: miscellaneous, techniques: spectroscopic, galaxies: clusters: intracluster medium, X-rays: galaxies: clusters

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Volume 517, Issue 1, Page 657
2022 November

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