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Chemical abundances in six nearby star-forming regions
Implications for galactic evolution and planet searches around very young stars

N. C. Santos, C. Melo, D. J. James, J. F. Gameiro, J. Bouvier, J. I. Gomes

In this paper we present a study of chemical abundances in six star-forming regions. Stellar parameters and metallicities are derived using high-resolution, high S/N spectra of weak-line T-Tauri stars in each region. The results show that nearby star-forming regions have a very small abundance dispersion (only 0.033 dex in [Fe/H]). The average metallicity found is slightly below that of the Sun, although compatible with solar once the errors are taken into account. The derived abundances for Si and Ni show that the observed stars have the abundances typical of Galactic thin disk stars of the same metallicity. The impact of these observations is briefly discussed in the context of the Galactic chemical evolution, local inter-stellar medium abundances, and in the origin of metal-rich stars in the solar neighbourhood (namely, stars more likely to harbour planets). The implication for future planet-search programmes around very young, nearby stars is also discussed.

Astronomy & Astrophysics
Volume 480, Page 889
2008 March

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