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AsteroFLAG: first results from hare-and-hounds Exercise #1

W. J. Chaplin, T. Appourchaux, T. Arentoft, J. Ballot, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, O. L. Creevey, Y. Elsworth, S. T. Fletcher, R. Garcia, G. Houdek, S. J. Jimenez-Reyes, H. Kjeldsen, R. New, C. Régulo, D. Salabert, T. Sekii, S. G. Sousa, T. Toutain, the rest of the asteroFLAG group

We report on initial results from the first phase of Exercise #1 of the asteroFLAG hare and hounds. The asteroFLAG group is helping to prepare for the asteroseismology component of NASA’s Kepler mission, and the first phase of Exercise #1 is concerned with testing extraction of estimates of the large and small frequency spacings of the low-degree p modes from Kepler-like artificial data. These  seismic frequency spacings will provide key input for complementing the exoplanet search data.

Astronomische Nachrichten
Volume 329, Page 549
2008 August

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