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Hybrid Modified Gravity Unifying Local Tests, Galactic Dynamics and Late-Time Cosmic Acceleration

S. Capozziello, T. Harko, F. S. N. Lobo, G. J. Olmo

The nonequivalence between the metric and Palatini formalisms of f(R) gravity is an intriguing feature of these theories. However, in the recently proposed hybrid metric-Palatini gravity, consisting of the superposition of the metric Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian with an f(; {R}) term constructed ą la Palatini, the "true" gravitational field is described by the interpolation of these two nonequivalent approaches. The theory predicts the existence of a light long-range scalar field, which passes the local constraints and affects the galactic and cosmological dynamics. Thus, the theory opens new possibilities for a unified approach, in the same theoretical framework, to the problems of dark energy and dark matter, without distinguishing a priori matter and geometric sources, but taking their dynamics into account under the same standard.

Modified: gravity - late-time: cosmic: acceleration - dark: matter - solar: system: tests

International Journal of Modern Physics D
Volume 22, Number 1342, Page 1342006_1
2013 August

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