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Cosmic string evolution with a conserved charge

M. F. Oliveira, A. Avgoustidis, C. J. A. P. Martins

Cosmic strings with degrees of freedom beyond the standard Abrikosov-Nielsen-Olesen or Nambu-Goto strings are ubiquitous in field theory as well as in models with extra dimensions, such as string theoretic brane inflation scenarios. Here, we carry out an analytic study of a simplified version of one such cosmic string model. Specifically, we extend the velocity-dependent one-scale string evolution model to the case where there is a conserved microscopic charge on the string world sheet.We find that whether the standard scale-invariant evolution of the network is preserved or destroyed due to the presence of the charge will crucially depend on the amount of damping and energy losses experienced by the network. This suggests, among other things, that results derived in Minkowski space (field theory) simulations may not extend to the case of an expanding Universe.

Physical Review D
Volume 85, Issue 8, Page 083515_1
2012 April

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