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Effects of biases in domain wall network evolution

J. R. C. C. C. Correia, I. S. C. R. Leite, C. J. A. P. Martins

We study the evolution of various types of biased domain wall networks in the early universe. We carry out larger numerical simulations than those currently available in the literature and provide a more detailed study of the decay of these networks, in particular by explicitly measuring velocities in the simulations. We also use the larger dynamic range of our simulations to test previously suggested decay laws for these networks, including an ad hoc phenomenological fit to earlier simulations and a decay law obtained by Hindmarsh through analytic arguments. We find the latter to be in good agreement with simulations in the case of a biased potential, but not in the case of biased initial conditions.

Physical Review D
Volume 90, Issue 2, Page 023521_1
2014 July

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