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Probing the parameter space of HD 49933: a comparison between global and local methods

O. L. Creevey, M. Bazot

We present two independent methods for studying the global stellar parameter space (mass M, age, chemical composition X0, Z0) of HD 49933 with seismic data. Using a local minimization and an MCMC algorithm, we obtain consistent results for the determination of the stellar properties: M = 1.1–1.2 M, Age ~ 3.0 Gyr, Z0 ~ 0.008. A description of the error ellipses can be defined using Singular Value Decomposition techniques, and this is validated by comparing the errors with those from the MCMC method.

Journal of Physics: Conference Series
GONG–SoHO 24: A new era of seismology of the sun and solar-like stars

T. Appourchaux, A. Baglin, W. Chaplin, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, L. Gizon, M. Thompson, T. Sekii, J. Leibacher

IOP Publishing
Volume 271, Number 1, Page 012038_1
2011 January

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