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Modelling of T Tauri jets with low mass accretion rate

N. Globus, C. Sauty, V. Cayatte, Z. Meliani, J. J. G. Lima, K. Tsinganos, C. Michaut

We show that low mass accreting T Tauri stars may have a strong stellar jet component which can effectively brake the star to the observed rotation speed. By means of meridional self similarity, we construct semi analytical solutions describing the complete dynamics and topology of the stellar component of the jet emerging from the corona of the star. We show two typical solutions with the same mass loss rate but different magnetic lever arms and jet radius, corresponding to differente phases of T Tauri star activity.

MHD, stars: winds, outflows, stars: mass loss, stars: rotation

Jets at all Scales Proceedings
IAU Symposium No. 275

G. E. Romero, R. A. Sunyaev, T. Belloni

Cambridge University Press
Volume 6, Page 408
2011 February

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