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Lithium abundance evolution in open clusters: Hyades, NGC 752, and M 67

M. Castro, G. Pace, J. D. do Nascimento Jr.

Mixing mechanisms bring the Li from the base of the convective zone to deeper and warmer layers where it is destroyed. These mechanisms are investigated by comparing observations of Li abundances in stellar atmospheres to models of stellar evolution. Observations in open cluster are especially suitable for this comparison, since their age and metallicity are homogeneous among their members and better determined than in field stars. In this work, we compare the evolution of Li abundances in three different clusters: the Hyades, NGC 752, and M 67. Our models are calculated with microscopic diffusion and transport of chemicals by meridional circulation, and calibrated on the Sun. These comparisons allow us to follow the evolution of Li abundance as a function of stellar mass in each cluster and as a function of the age by comparing this evolution in each cluster. We evaluate the efficiency of the mixing mechanisms used in the models, and we try to identifiy the lacking mechanisms to reproduce the observed evolution of Li abundance.

New Advances in Stellar Physics: From Microscopic to Macroscopic Processes
G. Alecian, Y. Lebreton, O. Richard, G. Vauclair

European Astronomical Society Publications Series
Volume 63, Page 61
2013 December

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