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TLOCI: A Fully Loaded Speckle Killing Machine

C. Marois, C. M. Correia, J.-P. Véran, T. Currie

A new high-contrast imaging subtraction algorithm (TLOCI) is presented to maximize a planet signal-to-noise ratio. The technique uses an input spectrum and template PSFs to optimize the reference image coefficient determination to minimize the flux contamination via self-subtraction (thus maximizing its throughput wavelength per wavelength) of any planet that have a similar spectrum to the template spectrum in the image, while trying, at the same time, to maximize the speckle noise subtraction. The optimization is performed by a correlation matrix conditioning. Using laboratory Gemini Planet Imager data, the new algorithm is shown to be superior to the simple/double difference, polynomial fit and original LOCI algorithm.

stars: imaging - instrumentation: adaptive optics - methods: data analysis - techniques: image processing - (stars:) planetary systems

Exploring the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems
M. Booth, B. C. Matthews, J. R. Graham

Cambridge University Press
Volume 299, Page 48
2014 January

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