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Current status of Raven, a MOAO science demonstrator for Subaru

O. Lardière, D. Andersen, C. Bradley, C. Blain, D. Gamroth, K. Jackson, P. Lach, R. Nash, S. Oya, L. Pham, J.-P. Véran, C. M. Correia

Raven is a Multi-Object Adaptive Optics (MOAO) scientific demonstrator which will be used on-sky at the Subaru observatory from 2014. Raven is currently being built and tested at the University of Victoria AO Lab. This paper presents an overview of the optomechanical design and the software architecture of Raven, and gives the current status of this project. Raven includes three open loop wavefront sensors (WFSs), a laser guide star WFS and two figure/truth WFSs. Two science channels containing deformable mirrors (DMs) feed light to the Subaru IRCS spectrograph. Central to the Raven is a Calibration Unit which contains multiple sources, a telescope simulator including two phase screens and a ground layer DM that can be used to calibrate and test Raven in the lab. Preliminary results on calibration and open-loop AO correction using a tomographic reconstructor are presented.

Proceedings of the Third AO4ELT Conference
S. Esposito, L. Fini

INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, Page 115
2013 December

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