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The physical conditions and oxygen and nitrogen abundance of 36 SBS galaxies from the SDSS DR7

M. V. Gyulzadyan, V. Zh. Adibekyan

Physical conditions and oxygen and nitrogen abundances in 36 SBS UV-excess and/or emission-line galaxies from the SDSS DR7 were determined. We have found that SBS 0808+578 is AGN. The others are HII galaxies or HII regions in galaxies. For all objects the oxygen abundance 12+log(O/H) lies in the range of 7.85 ÷ 8.61 and log(N/O) ratio in the range of -1.45 ÷ -0.4. They occupy the same area in the diagram N/O O/H as the high-excitation HII regions. We found no extremely metal-deficient galaxy. Using H-alpha fluxes star formation rates (SFR) for our samples galaxies were determined. Determined SFRs, being in the range of 0.001 ÷ 6 o year-1, are similar of that observed in typical star forming regions in spiral and irregular galaxies.

Multiwavelength AGN Surveys and Studies
A. M. Mickaelian, D. B. Sanders

Cambridge University Press
Volume 304, Page 34
2014 July

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