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Relative frequencies of supernovae versus properties of spiral hosts

A. A. Hakobyan, T. A. Nazaryan, V. Zh. Adibekyan, A. R. Petrosian, L. S. Aramyan, D. Kunth, G. A. Mamon, V. de Lapparent, E. Bertin, J. M. Gomes, M. Turatto

In this work, we present an analysis of SNe number ratios in spiral galaxies with different morphological subtypes, luminosities, sSFR, and metallicities, to provide important information about the physical properties of the progenitor populations.

Multiwavelength AGN Surveys and Studies
Z. Knełević, A. Lemaitre

Cambridge University Press
Volume 9, Number 304, Page 339
2014 July

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