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Oxygen abundances in thin and thick disk stars from HARPS

S. BertrŠn de Lis, G. Israelian, E. Delgado Mena

We present a detailed and uniform study of oxygen abundances in a large sample of solar-type stars. EW measurements were carried out for the [OI] 6300 Å and the OI 6158 Å lines and LTE abundance results for these indicators were obtained in 611 and 535 stars respectively. 411 stars have oxygen derived from both indicators, which allows us to perform the first uniform comparision of these two oxygen indicators in a large sample of stars. We found that 65% of the stars yield abundances that agree within 0.1dex, and this result improves for better values of signal-to-noise. We also have studied the oxygen trends for different galactic populations. We confirm an oxygen enhancement for stars belonging to the thick disk, as it has been seen also for other alpha elements.

Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana

SAIt, Number 85, Page 261
2014 January

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