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Low cost ellipsometer using a standard commercial polarimeter

F. Velosa, M. Abreu

Ellipsometry is an optical technique to characterize materials or phenomena that occurs at an interface or thin film between two different media. In this paper, we present an experimental low-cost version of a photometric ellipsometer, assembled with commonly found material at every Optics laboratory. The polarization parameters measurement was performed using a Thorlabs PAX5710 polarimeter. The uncertainty computed using the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) procedures. With the assembled ellipsometer we were able to measure the thickness of a 10 nm thick SiO2 thin film deposited upon Si, and the complex refractive index of Gold and Tantalum samples. The SiO2 thickness we achieved had an experimental deviation of 4.5% with 2.00 nm uncertainty. The value complex refractive index of Gold and Tantalum measured agrees with the different values found in several references. The uncertainty values were found to be mostly limited by the polarimeter's uncertainty.

ellipsometry; polarimetry; thin films; thickness; refractive index

Third International Conference on Applications of Optics and Photonics
MFM Costa

Proceedings of SPIE
Volume 10453
2017 August

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