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Measurement of the refractive index of glass by optical metrology

I. M. Leite, A. Cabral

New luminescent materials have a wide range of applications in either chemistry, biology or electronics. The study of nontoxic and inexpensive luminescent materials is the key to a sustainable future. Luminescent solar concentrators are the example of a very promising application of luminescent materials and the optimization of the optical conversion efficiency of the glasses produced is essential for the development of the luminescent solar concentrators - for this it is necessary to determine the refractive index of the different glasses. There are many existing techniques for determining the refractive index - the current situation regarding systems that perform this type of measurements is that there are simple systems for low accuracy and complex systems for high accuracy of results, and the middle ground is often left unexplored. For the manufacture of luminescent solar concentrator glass, it is important to have access to a simple refractive index measurement system with an uncertainty of less than 1%. The system should be simple to implement, cost-effective and automated to allow a typical user to obtain the desired information on optically simple samples. Two independent techniques for measuring the refractive index are approached, one using the lateral displacement of a laser beam and the other the interferometric pattern obtained by an interferometer.

refractive index, lateral displacement, interferometry, glass, luminescent solar concentrator, optical metrology

Fourth International Conference on Applications of Optics and Photonics
Manuel Filipe P. C. M. Martins Costa

Proceedings of the SPIE
Volume 11207, Page 579
2019 October

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