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Deep imaging of the most massive galaxies of the nearby Universe

S. N. Reis, F. Buitrago, P. Papaderos

Taking advantage of deep photometric data from HST, we analyze the z < 0.5 massive galaxies obtained in the H- and I-bands, in order to disentangle the several components that might constitute most massive galaxies in our Universe. We perform single and double-Sérsic analysis for our sample of 17 galaxies. From our photometric analysis, we notice that Sérsic index values are not a good representation of a galaxy's morphological type and find no trend between B/T and redshift. We detect within our sample two late-type galaxies with sizes smaller than expected. Additionally, our set of simulations shows that the apparent magnitudes and Sérsic index are the key parameters to a good recovery of the structural parameters.

Highlights on Spanish Astrophysics X. Proceedings of the XIII Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society
A. Asensio Ramos B. Montesinos

Spanish Astronomical Society, Page 161
2019 March

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