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Disentangling the albedo of the exoplanets from the stellar activity

L. M. Serrano

The stellar phase curves of stars orbited by one planet include, in realistic conditions, the primary and secondary transit, three secondary effects, which are the beaming effect, the ellipsoidal modulation and the reflected light component of the planet, plus two sources of noise, the stellar activity and the instrumental noise. In our paper 'Distinguishing the albedo of the exoplanets from the stellar activity' we aimed at analyzing whether it was possible to detect the reflected light component of a planet in the case of an active bright star and supposing the instrumental noise to be on the same level of the predicted one for CHEOPS mission. The results of our work are important for planning observations of phase curves with CHEOPS and also with other future fotometric missions.

Highlights on Spanish Astrophysics X. Proceedings of the XIII Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society
A. Asensio Ramos B. Montesinos

Spanish Astronomical Society
Volume 10, Page 476
2019 March

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