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The Portuguese Alma Center of Expertise: ALMA research in Portugal after 3 years

C. Pappalardo, J. Afonso, I. Matute, S. Amarantidis, S. Homem

In the past years, the Institute of Astronomy and Space Sciences of Lisbon has seen its capabilities for ALMA research internationally recognized, being named by ESO as an ALMA Centre of Expertise. This is a result of an objective effort over the last few years to increase the national capability in the exploration of this revolutionary observatory. The Portuguese ALMA Centre of Expertise (PACE) provided along these years face-to-face support to the Portuguese community regarding all stages of ALMA observations: pre-Cycle ALMA promotion, proposal preparation and submission, data reduction and archival research. PACE is also already actively supporting the ALMA project by participating in the task of ALMA data validation and quality assurance. The Atacama Large (sub-)Millimetre Array consortium is composed by three partners (Europe, North-America, and East-Asia) and the host country (Chile). Each of the partners has an ALMA Regional Centre (ARC), which works as a means of closer contact between the local community and the facility. The European ARC is organized distinctively, where ``nodes'' and ``Centres of Expertise'' have been created in specific research centres in Europe in addition to the central ARC node, at ESO. PACE will continue the task of organizing the ALMA National Community Days in preparation for upcoming ALMA Calls for Proposals and international meetings to promote ALMA and increase its use by the scientific community. As a support facility, it welcomes visitors at the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon, where it is located, and where the community will find dedicated personnel and computer hardware. PACE plans to develop unique expertise among the EU ARC network, thus further improving the ALMA user support capability in Europe.

Highlights on Spanish Astrophysics X. Proceedings of the XIII Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society
A. Asensio Ramos B. Montesinos

Spanish Astronomical Society, Page 226
2019 March

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