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A white light collimator for Plato camera integration support

M. Abreu, D. Castro Alves, A. Cabral, J. Coelho, P. Santos, L. Clermont, A. Baeke, B. Vandenbussche

A fiber fed, wide beam collimator was developed as a tool to support the Assembly, Integration and Verification (AIV) tasks associated to the integration of the ESA-PLATO telescope unit (TOU) to the focal plane, for the 26 cameras that are going to be assembled at the Centre Spatial de Liége (CSL). This collimator will work as source for the alignment process at ambient temperature, providing a white light beam that must comply with a series of critical requirements, namely high spatial uniformity over an clear aperture of 150 mm (better than 85%), Wavefront Error associated to focus aberration at the level of λ/30 rms and high flux stability over time (2% in 24h). This paper will present the steps taken towards the development, manufacture and integration of this collimator, as well as the tests devised to evaluate requirements compliance.

Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2020: Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter Wave
Makenzie Lystrup, Marshall D. Perrin, Natalie Batalha, Nicholas Siegler, Edward C. Tong

Proceedings of the SPIE
Volume 11443
2020 December

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