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The cosmic evolution of active galaxies, and the assembly of their black holes

Duncan Farrah
Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai'i, US

Active galactic nuclei represent the brief, rapid assembly episodes of supermassive black holes in galaxies. The cosmic evolution of AGN, and the way in which their central black holes assemble mass, thus give important insights into galaxy assembly processes at all redshifts. In this talk, I will present two new results on AGN across cosmic history. First, I will discuss a new measurement of the redshift evolution of the infrared AGN luminosity function across 0.5<z<3.0. Second, I will present evidence that supermassive black holes in galaxies assemble much of their mass in radiatively efficient, extremely rapid accretion episodes, where the accretion rate can exceed the Eddington limit for of order Myr.

2022 October 26, 10:00

Online broadcast (Zoom)

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