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Exploring ISM Properties in Pristine Environments Throughout the Universe

Bethan James
Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Understanding the interplay between metallicity and star-formation, both spatially within a system and globally with redshift, are of paramount importance for understanding galaxy formation and evolution. Nearby metal-poor dwarf galaxies offer the opportunity to tackle both these aspects: their chemically-young environments are akin to those at high-z and their close proximity provides insight into these processes on <100 pc scales. In this talk I will cover two main avenues we are using to decipher the true chemical and physical conditions of these systems using UV+optical observations. Firstly, I will present a series of IFU-based results that reveal detailed insight into chemical inhomogeneities within low-metallicity dwarfs, both spatially within systems and between their gas phases. Secondly, I will showcase exciting results from the COS Legacy Archive Spectroscopic Survey (CLASSY): the first high-quality, high-resolution and broad-wavelength range catalogue of 45 local star-forming galaxies in the rest-frame UV (1150 −2000 Å). With this UV atlas, we have developed a new UV diagnostic toolkit designed to accurately determine the ISM properties in the earliest galaxies revealed by JWST.

2023 May 03, 14:00

Online broadcast (Zoom)

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