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One Postdoctoral fellowship in the field of galaxy formation and evolution

Ref: IA2015-12-BPD

One postdoctoral fellowship in the field of galaxy formation and evolution is open at the Centro de Investigação em Astronomia/Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto (CAUP), for the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA), in the context of research activities conducted by the IA Thematic Line “The assembly history of galaxies resolved in space and time”.

The position is offered in the context of Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço - FIS/04434 with financial support provided by the FCT/MEC through national funds and co-funded by FEDER under the PT2020 agreement, when applicable.

The Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA) assembles more than two-thirds of all active researchers working in Space Sciences in Portugal, and is responsible for an even greater fraction of the national productivity in international ISI journals in this area. The research and development effort at the IA includes most of the topics at the forefront of research in Astrophysics and Space Sciences, complemented by work on instrumentation and systems with potential use in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

  1. Scientific Area: Astronomy and Astrophysics
  2. Requirements for admission: The applicant must have completed a PhD degree in Astronomy, Physics or similar. The applicant must have a large experience with the processing and analysis of spectroscopic data for AGN and Lyman-alpha emitting nebulae and some previous experience in the analysis and interpretation of integral field spectroscopy data.
  3. Factors preferred: Experience in standard astronomical data analysis packages.
  4. Work plan: The successful candidate will participate in the analysis and interpretation of integral field spectroscopy (IFS) data with the MUSE spectrograph at the ESO/VLT, as well as publicly available IFS data from the CALIFA survey.
  5. Legislation framework: A fellowship contract will be celebrated according to the regulations defined by FCT Regulamento de Bolsas e Investigação da Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia' existing (http://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/docs/RegulamentoBolsasFCT2015.pdf) and 'Lei nº 40/2004, de 18 de Agosto (Estatuto do Bolseiro de Investigação Científica)'.
  6. Place of work: The work will be developed at the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço, Porto, under the scientific guidance of the Thematic Line leader (Dr. José Afonso) and Group Leader (PD Dr. Polychronis Papaderos).
  7. Fellowship duration: The position is initially opened for 3 months and is expected to begin on the 15th of November 2015. The fellowship contract may be renewed up to 3 months, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation of Research Fellowships from the Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P.
  8. Monthly allowance: The fellowship amounts to € 1495,00, according to table values of the fellowships awarded directly by the FCT, IP. (http://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores). The fellowship holder will have a personal accident insurance. The fellowship will be paid monthly by bank transfer.
  9. Selection method: Candidates will be assessed, on a first stage, by the quality of their CV, including the relevance of their publications (60%), relevance and success of previous research experience (30%) and Cover Letter (10%). The selection committee may decide on the need to have an interview for a second stage of evaluation (by teleconference or videoconference if needed). In that case, the final grade will be obtained by averaging the result of the first stage evaluation with the interview (equal weights). The contracts will be offered according to the final ordering proposed by the selection committee.
  10. Deadlines: This call for applications is open from October 16th, 2015 to October 29th, 2015.
  11. Application:
    The application, to be submitted using the web form below, should include the following information:
    • Cover letter with a brief description of the candidate's experience and motivation;
    • Curriculum Vitae (up to 4 pages) and scan of the PhD diploma;
    • Complete list of scientific publications. A brief description (up to 3 lines) of the candidate's contribution to the most relevant papers is welcome;
    • Name and contact details (position, email, address) of two referees, available to provide information about the candidate (to be contacted if considered necessary to clarify the information provided in the remaining documents).

Applications from persons with physical disabilities will receive equal consideration to the extent their disabilities do not prevent them from performing the defined work tasks.

The positions will be granted only if suitable candidates are found.

For inquires please contact PD Dr. Polychronis Papaderos.

Selection Committee
José Afonso (Chair)
Polychronis Papaderos
Andrew J. Humphrey

Publication Date
2 October 2015

The period for application submission has ended for this opportunity.
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