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Habitability in the Universe: From the Early Earth to Exoplanets

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Proton-induced damage in potential prebiotic compounds
Marie-Christine Bacchus

PLANET TOPERS: Planets, Tracing the Transfer, Origin, Preservation, and Evolution of their Reservoirs
Veronique Dehant

Mineralogical content, sulfur isotopic composition and carbon, nitrogen and sul-fur analysis of Rio Tinto soils: Implications for the detection of biomarkers on Mars
Renato dos Santos

Should we expect a new form of life based on the replacement of phosphorus by arsenic? A quantum chemical approach
Yves Ellinger

Primordial Volcanic Islands as Places of Prebiotic Chemical Evolution
Stefan Fox

Fungal spores viability on the International Space Station
Ioana Gomoiu

The River of Time
Muriel Gargaud

Rich underground extra-terrestrial systems may thrive in oxygen’s absence
Alexandra Hillebrand-Voiculescu

Step towards modelting the atmosphere of Titan - State selected reaction of O+ with methane
Jan Hrusak

The BCCM/ULC collection of cyanobacteria: a source of extremophilic diversity and potential signatures of life
Emmanuelle Javaux

Searching for the source crater of Nakhla meteorite to improve knowledge on hydrothermal mineral processes on Mars
Akos Kereszturi

Habitability beyond zones – the planetary perspective
Akos Kereszturi

Formation of organic molecules over catalytic metal oxides surfaces
Petr Kubelķk

Levels of habitability and the origin and evolution of life
Pauli Laine

MASE - Mars analogues for space exploration
Viggo Marteinsson

Laboratory simulation of titan’s atmosphere by atmospheric pressure glow discharge generated in nitrogen-methane gas mixture
Vera Mazankova

Meteorite supplementation of the iron-oxidizing archaeon Metallosphaera sedula expands the boundaries of thermophilic life
Tetyana Milojevic

A statistical approach of adsorption selectivity at chiral surfaces
Francoise Pauzat

Potential prebiotic genesis of D-carbohydrates
Andrew Steer

Searching for physical mechanism of proton asymmetry in early proto-membranes
Oliver Strbak

Anion Chemistry on Titan: A possible route to large hydrocarbons
Jan Zabka

Study of the ion - molecular reaction at temperatures relevant to the atmosphere of Titan
Illia Zymak

On the origin of eukaryotes
Kirsi Lehto

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