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Teresa Lago amongst friends
International Conference honouring Prof. Teresa Lago

Teresa Lago, full Professor of the School of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP) is a pioneering figure in modern astronomy and astrophysics in Portugal.

Founder and first Director of the “Centro de Investigação em Astronomia e Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto (CAUP)". She was also the great promoter of the signing in 1990 of a Cooperation Agreement between Portugal and the European Southern Observatory (ESO), which lead to the adhesion of Portugal to this european intergovernmental astronomy organization in 2000.

She was one of the founding members of the Scientific Council of the European Research Council (ERC), position she occupied until 2013.

Teresa Lago will be the next IAU General Secretary, between 2018 and 2021.

The above reasons more than justify this tribute to Prof. Teresa Lago, in the presence of some of her friends, witnesses of the role she has played in the growth of astronomy and astrophysics in Portugal and in the affirmation of U.Porto as an institution of excellence in research and teaching in this area.

Format of the conference
Closed conference only for invited participants

João Lima (IA-Porto e FCUP, U.Porto) - Chair
Filipe Gameiro (IA-Porto e FCUP, U.Porto)
Nuno Santos (IA-Porto e FCUP, U.Porto)

Elsa Silva (IA-Porto) – Chair
Nelma Silva (IA-Porto)
Manuel Monteiro (IA-Porto)
João Lima (IA-Porto e FCUP, U.Porto)


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