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Seismology of the Sun and the Distant Stars 2016
Using Today’s Successes to Prepare the Future
Joint TASC2 & KASC9 Workshop – SPACEINN & HELAS8 Conference

Asteroseismic signature of a starspot
Emanuele Papini (Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung), Laurent Gizon (Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung)

Stellar acoustic oscillations are affected by magnetic activity, however it is unclear how a single starspot would affect the power spectrum of oscillations. Since the starspot rotates with the star, it causes a perturbation that is unsteady in the observer's frame. Each (n,l) multiplet appears as (2l + 1)2 blended peaks in the power spectrum, whose amplitudes depend on the star's inclination and on the latitude of the starspot. We simulate example power spectra using both perturbation theory and numerical simulations.

Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço Universidade do Porto Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia COMPETE 2020 PORTUGAL 2020 União Europeia