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During 2020

Freeze-in dark matter production through the neutrino portal in an early matter era
Catarina Cosme
2020 January 08, 14:30
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.2.10)
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High resolution observations of Massive Young Stellar Objects
René Oudmaijer
2020 January 09, 15:00
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Understanding the observed properties of interstellar filaments: Insights into the initial conditions of star formation
Doris Arzoumanian
2020 January 15, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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GPS a new method to determine rotation periods
Eliana Amazo-Gómez
2020 January 22, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Analysis of stellar population properties using new single stellar population templates and stellar population synthesis codes
Iker Millán-Irigoyen
2020 January 31, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Red giant seismology: large-scale measurements of the core rotation and stellar inclination, and new constraints on the angular momentum transport through modelling
Charlotte Gehan
2020 February 05, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Constraining Modified Gravity Models with Casimir Force Experiments
Anne Christine Davis
2020 February 12, 16:00
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.2.02)
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The 1001 modes of Star Formation
Sami Dib
2020 February 12, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Black holes from vacuum bubbles
Alex Vilenkin
2020 February 28, 13:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Finding an Alien Biosphere with Computational Chemistry
Clara Sousa-Silva
2020 March 02, 15:00
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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